Monday, November 28, 2011

mood swing

Assalamualaikum :)

currently lying on my bed in my room
first time update blog while in here

so apa nak cakap hari ni?
i miss to write kot
but i don't know what to write
the idea is there
but too lazyyyyy...haha, big butt.

i missed my sister :'(
yes, it's hard having a sister
because your love is undivided
and only for her only her
no other sis or bro

then, i unpack my stuff
found my sis's yakult
yesterday she keep it in my bag when her stomach already full
i text her..

k: adik, yakult kau semalam -.- ntah basi dah kot
a: errrrkkkkk
k: ni boleh minum lg tak?
a: basi ke tak basi, yakult tetap bacteria
k: -..-

she is damn funny
wait when I get home
the I lenyek lenyek her like mashed potato! Hee.

blood is thicker than water
xoxo ; pelangi

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i am not me :/


betul lah apa orang lain cakap
once dah post something, you tend to post again, LOL

i am reading again my blogS
and i realize how much i changed
i miss the old me
i dont know what isit
but i just miss me *like seriously, in tears*

the old pelangi
that could make people happy
that could erase all the sorrow
that could be depended on

im being too weak
not as cheerful as before

im sorry
i guess time really changed me
if i could be the same person again
i will try hard to be a good friend

i am still pelangi
the 'modified' one :)
call me when you need me, xoxo.

see the one of the old post of mine, from the other blog ;

saat berdetik laju.

seperti yang aku sangka, hambar semuanya. dikala tangan menyusun, setiap sentuhan keatas sesuatu memancarkan 1001 kenangan. kolam air mata penuh, hampir banjir. teringat peristiwa lama. ketawa dalam tangisan. benci untuk kenangkan namun makin kerap ini berlaku bila aku cuba elak. bermain-main perasaan gugup di akal fikiran, keyakinan tergugat, semangat makin malap, kemampuan aku diragui hati, haruskah aku meneruskan perjalanan ini, yang makin sukar, yang makin banyak laluan keliru, mungkin suatu hari nanti aku akan sesat dan hanya berdiam diri. mengharapkan esok tak akan ada. supaya laluan itu hilang selamanya.
mengarut ; pelangi
they lie, dont listen to them, only listen to yourself :)

ps; that is so me :)

three seasons.

Assalamualaikum :)

let us check the last post,
ye, dah habis semester 1 baru aku update blog ni
being foundation kids is damn stress and hectic
i found that this place is the most stressful ever unlike any other place

i have been thinking over and over again,
whyyy maaannn? T_T
why did i ever think to be part of the family..

desakan keluarga? Nope, my family never force me to make this decision
so, whats the catch this time?
hmm.. *thinking real deep*

am I regret?
not really,
O Allah, you will give me a chance right?
I still believe I can do it
please let me hold to the feeling
dont ever let me give up

why does life have to be so difficult?
because there always rainbow after the rain
InsyaAllah :)