Monday, November 28, 2011

mood swing

Assalamualaikum :)

currently lying on my bed in my room
first time update blog while in here

so apa nak cakap hari ni?
i miss to write kot
but i don't know what to write
the idea is there
but too lazyyyyy...haha, big butt.

i missed my sister :'(
yes, it's hard having a sister
because your love is undivided
and only for her only her
no other sis or bro

then, i unpack my stuff
found my sis's yakult
yesterday she keep it in my bag when her stomach already full
i text her..

k: adik, yakult kau semalam -.- ntah basi dah kot
a: errrrkkkkk
k: ni boleh minum lg tak?
a: basi ke tak basi, yakult tetap bacteria
k: -..-

she is damn funny
wait when I get home
the I lenyek lenyek her like mashed potato! Hee.

blood is thicker than water
xoxo ; pelangi

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